Success Stories


Matching your being

Hi, and thanks for all you do to connect people.
I am creating a wonderful relationship with a very spiritual woman -- another energy healer, like me, and who shares many of my inspirations, and is open to the rest.
So, please feel free to delete my profile.
P.S.  In case you're interested, my 7 must-haves for a life partner (which she/we have met) are:
1)  Unconditional love for all beings (my highest ideal)
2)  Non-smoker (my simplest practical concern)
3)  Self-clearing (she can own and handle her own upsets, and communicate from there)
4)  Deep communication (not just sharing information -- being with each other)
5)  That she/we both "get being" (being present, connected, and inspired)
6)  That she's ok with sex being planned, and ok with sex being spontaneous.
7)  That she's interested in quantity time, as well as quality time.
So, I intended *me* being-who-I-would-be-if-that-is-happening-now, and life showed up, to match who I was being.
Thanks very much again,
-- Doug