Success Stories


Happily Married for 3 Years

Hi, I have a success story. I met my husband on your site and we have been happily married for 3 years. It was a bit magical, as I was ready to chuck it in and he was too. He read my profile, thought here was a possibility, but decided not to pursue it because he had too many failed connections. So when I went online to my profile, I got a popup that said that this guy was from my town and was interested. I decided to contact him. He said he had not left any indicator that he was interested, but there it was. We talked online a bit, and I reserved judgement until we met. I have learned to not be fooled by what someone says online. The chemistry I could only find by being with the person (more than chemistry, the soul blend). Like my husband said, yeah I saw possibilities but I had found a number of women I had compatible interests with that did not result in anything.
Thanks - Bonnie Blue