Success Stories


Soul Partners Found

I had only joined your site for over a month, and I saw Michael's profile and according to the 'match' stats we were 100%!   He lived on the other side of the state, about 7 hours away, yet after the first couple of phone calls, we both were eager to meet one another.  So Michael drove to see me and we had a 'long' date over a weekend.  It was an incredible time over those several days, as we both felt as though we'd known one another for a very long time.  We felt so much synergy and aliveness, as well as enjoying the playfulness that was obvious from the very beginning.  We have spent several long weekends together and it's clear to us that we're the soul partner that we've each been searching for (and we're both over 55)!  It's amazing to feel such ease, clarity and joy in a relationship! 
Thanks so much for facilitating our finding one another.