Success Stories


Forever Grateful

We were both in a similar place, very content with our lives and not really interested in dating. 
We joined the Spiritual Singles to make connections with like minded people around the world. 
All it took was one message, and our lives were never the same again. 
In the beginning we talked to each other for hours on end, even though we were in completely different time zones, of Europe and America. 
We were delighted to discover that we had much in common, and that our work was mutually complementary. 
ININ, a plant medicine woman, and Elias, a yogi, we both work in a spiritual field, as guides, teachers and facilitators. 
After three weeks of constant communication we decided to arrange a visit, and ININ came to California, intending to stay one week. 
One week later we were married in Mount Shasta, in a most synchronistic and miraculous way.
Our one week together came to an end, but we firmly decided not to be separated.
ININ had commitments back in Europe and Elias could not leave the States on a short notice.
We remained in the States, looking for a solution and hoping that everything would work out in our favor. 
One month later we resolved everything that was needed and traveled to Europe to start living together. 
We just celebrated our first year anniversary recently, and are living happily in our country of choice - Spain.
By coming together both of our lives were enriched, and our work expanded in multiple directions. 
We are now travelling extensively and doing what we are passionate about, while continually growing and finding new ways to give back and contribute. 
We are forever grateful to Spiritual Singles for allowing us to find each other.
NOTE: Spiritual Singles is part of the Conscious Dating Network which is comprised of many "Spiritual/Conscious/Mindful" and "Green/Eco-Conscious" dating sites that all share the same large database of members (like different rivers flowing into the same ocean). Members only need join one site to have access to all members from all sites.