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Astrology Overview for 2020

by Michelle Karén, M.A., D.F.Astrol.S.

 Astrological Overview and Forecast 2020

NUMEROLOGICALLY, a 4 year (2+0+2+0) but could also be considered a 22 year. A year when the unknown tests our mastery. We are warned of illusions and delusions, mistakes in judgement and putting our faith in those who should not be trusted. But we also have the power to change our life, simply by ordaining success. Personal power enables us to achieve our ambitions and turn our dreams into concrete realities.


THE CHINESE YEAR of the Metal Rat (January 25, 2020 – February 11, 2021)

A year a major endings and startling new beginnings during which it is ill advised to take unnecessary risks.  Any decision made this year will affect the next 12 years. In the year of the Pig, we prepared well. Now is the time to move into action.


This year, we are harvesting the results of the important projects we invested in in previous years. We should think of ourselves first, resolve our personal issues and avoid losing time on illusions. Good fortune and abundance come from focusing on what is important and working collectively. Long term investments based in integrity lead to accumulated wealth. Yet greed could prevail over generosity. Dubious financial profit, betrayal or unscrupulous behavior create major tensions and loss. Ambitions are enhanced. People we hadn’t thought of much in the past, could surprise us with unexpected and spectacular achievements. 


Fluctuations in world economies are to be expected, as well as major political shifts. Power sharks could emerge with boundless ambitions. Yet they should walk their talk if they don’t want to be accused of hypocrisy. There could be a greater than usual emphasis on the resources of Mother Earth, particularly silver and gold. Poverty in the world is likely to lessen. The consequences of climate change and decades of abuse of our planet become undeniable, forcing authorities to take drastic measures.


Our personal contribution vastly enriches group efforts. Creativity is favored. Major scientific discoveries and inventions are likely to be expected this year.


Misunderstandings could occur between countries leading to increased tensions. Direct confrontations are to be avoided. Fluidity, flexibility, intelligence and intuition are a must in negotiations. To avoid the pitfall of jealousies, we should be very clear on our motivations, spend time seriously reflecting and consolidating our self-understanding, and anchor our knowledge.


In our private life, despite a few quarrels generally caused by stubbornness, a happier year than normal. Romantically, we could have more doubts than usual. Passion should not be a way of eluding important issues. Loneliness alternates with an exciting social life. Yet, we should be able to enjoy good times in joyful company.


A year of renewed ambitions and exciting strategies allowing us to resolutely turn our back to the past.





Lunar Eclipse, at 11:10 AM PST (19º53 Cancer):

This degree is represented in the Sabian Symbols by “Venetian gondoliers giving a serenade”. Our family life and home become central. Good for moving, renovating, and also for finding a balance between our professional and private life.



Saturn Conjunct Pluto, at 8:57 AM (22º46’ Capricorn):

A wonderful time to start a project requiring a massive amount of hard work, excellent planning, persistence, stamina, concentration and drive. Profound changes occur in our long-term goals. Our purpose becomes well-defined. A time to lay solid foundations for future ambitions.




Jupiter Sextile Neptune (7:56 AM):

We could feel a vague restlessness resolved through inner peace and joy. Our tolerance, hospitality, warmth and good will attract many wonderful, lucrative opportunities to us. Spiritual art, music, and religious activities are inspiring. A wonderful time to go on an adventurous vacation. Great also for creating uplifting art. Our optimism permeates our speech and writing.




Saturn enters Aquarius (7:58 PM) till July 1st:

Humanitarian endeavors draw people together. Volunteer work allows for deeper and stronger connections. Our social circle expands. In groups, we are able to accomplish a lot more than singularly. A wonderful time to lay the groundwork for a non-profit organization. Letting go of draining relationships or relationships that no longer serve our higher purpose, is a must. A romance begun during this time, fueled both by love and friendship is particularly auspicious and powerful. Visionaries, inventors and creators are specially inspired.




Jupiter Conjunct Pluto (6:44 PM) at 24º53’ Capricorn:

Seeing through the veil of illusions is easier than ever. We are likely to experience heightened states of consciousness. A stronger desire to positively contribute to humanity’s evolution, prevails.  



Pluto turns retrograde (10:54 AM) at 24º59’ Capricorn till October 4th:

We are asked to reconsider our goals. Any area where we may have sabotaged ourselves is more easily faced and transformed at this time, than at any other. We have the courage to look at the best and the worse in ourselves in the most profound of ways and assert our power like never before.




Saturn turns retrograde (8:09 PM) at 1º57’ Aquarius till September 28th:

A few months to reevaluate our goals, the structures in our lives and our obligations. Delays may force us to slow down. We could have to work harder than ever. We need to pay our respect to authority and face our duties and responsibilities with diligence. No short cut is allowed during this time. Our relationship with authority figures comes to the forefront. Focus and clarity are a must.



Jupiter turns retrograde (6:32 AM) at 27º14’ Capricorn till September 12th:

Wise reflection helps us reassess our goals and motivations. A time to become clearer on our philosophy of life, continue a serious study we had abandoned and work towards a meaningful goal. Our attitude towards religion and the law is revisited.




Lunar Eclipse, at 11:25 AM (15º41’ Sagittarius):

This degree is symbolized by: “Sea Gulls flying around a ship in expectation of food”. Enrichment comes to us in many ways. Travels open our mind and horizons. As we grow spiritually,  we are able to see and seize greater opportunities for expansion.



Solar Eclipse, at 10:40 PM (0º20’ Cancer):

The image associated with this degree is: “On a ship, the sailors lower an old flag and raise a new one”. Our home base, our roots, our origins become a point of focus. Endings lead to new beginnings.



Neptune turns retrograde (8:32 PM) at 20º57’ Pisces till November 28th:

A wonderful time to be creative and inspired by art. Compassion, sensitivity and acceptance permeate every aspect of our lives, helping us see the highest and the darkest within our soul. The more we are able to embrace all that we are, the more we shall feel unity with all that is.



Jupiter Conjunct Pluto (9:46 PM) at 24º06’ Capricorn:

Kindly refer to April 4.





Saturn re-enters Capricorn (3:36 PM) till December 19th:

5 months to be extremely serious, structured and responsible. With hard, disciplined work, we are given the chance to create solid foundations that will create a long-term sense of security, as well as help us achieve our goals. If we don’t allow doubt, insecurity or anxiety to plague us, we can make our plans for the future a very concrete reality. Our boundaries are clear. We are concerned with status and power. An excellent transit to get all our ducks in a row and aim at high results. 



Lunar Eclipse, at 8:30 PM (13º24’ Capricorn):

This degree is associated to the following image in the Sabian Symbols: “An ancient bas relief carved in granite remains a witness to a long-gone civilization.” We are likely to become concerned with achievements, career, reputation, responsibilities in the world and our goals in life.



Jupiter Sextile Neptune (8:06 AM):

Kindly refer to February 20.





Uranus turns retrograde at 6:26 AM (10º41’ Taurus) till January 14th, 2021:

What do we really value? How much do we value ourselves? Answers to these questions could open the door to major personal revelations that completely transform our lives. A time to break free from negative thinking, self-doubt and anxiety to accomplish a lot more than we ever thought possible.




Jupiter turns direct at 4:41 PM (17º24’ Capricorn):

Our relationship to abundance, higher education, the law, philosophy and religion shift to the new order discovered during the retrogradation.



Saturn turns direct at 9:11 PM (25º20’ Capricorn):

We can now reap the full benefits of the structures we have put into place, and our renewed focus and clarity.




Pluto turns direct at 5:32 AM (22º29’ Capricorn):

Our relationship to power, our knowingness and self-understanding reach the new level revealed during the retrogradation.



Jupiter Sextile Neptune (11:06 PM):

Kindly refer to February 20.





Jupiter Conjunct Pluto at 1:38 PM (22º51’ Capricorn)

Kindly refer to April 4.



Neptune turns direct at 4:36 PM (18º09’ Pisces)

Our compassion, sensitivity, inspiration and mystical feelings return to the new dimension revealed during the retrogradation.




Solar Eclipse, at 8:13 AM (23º06’ Sagittarius):

This degree is symbolized by: “A bluebird perched on the gate of a cottage”. This eclipse could bring unexpected long-distance travels, exposure to distant cultures. Higher education is appealing, so are the law, religion and philosophy. Positive energy, optimism and adventures are attractive.



Saturn re-enters Aquarius (9:03’ PM) till March 8th, 2023:

Kindly refer to March 21.



Jupiter enters Aquarius (5:07 AM) till May 14th, 2021:

Our minds are wide open. We are interested in everything and able to come up with creative solutions that would evade us at any other time. Ideas that may have seemed previously too big, are now quite acceptable. We think out of the box, are considerate of other people’s needs and the interest of the world at large. We find dynamic ways of improving the plight of humanity in order to create a better future. Learning from the unique thoughts and experiences of those around us, fuels our vision of an optimistic future. We should however beware of extreme, intolerant philosophical ideals both in ourselves and in others, as this is a time to be committed to the survival of humanity as a whole.



Jupiter Conjunct Saturn at 0º20’ Aquarius (10:20 AM):

A critical time for all those in power who need to maintain a high level of social respect. Politicians, lawyers, administrators, business executives could come under scrutiny. Serious responsibilities need to be handled with the utmost integrity. Decisions made at this time have very far reaching consequences.


Wishing you the best of new years!

Much love and light.



Michelle Karén, M.A., D.F.Astrol.S.

Astrologer, Shaman, International Conference Speaker, Author of the best selling book Astrology For Enlightenment (Atria Books, Simon & Schuster, NY)